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We are proud to work with the following vendors....



Epicurean Drama Caterers

Chef Taylor



Elysium Event Center

Joyce Sneed, Pres.



International Hair Stylist

Eric Gay



Personal Wardrobe Stylist

Les McCarter


At Juanita Bryan, Inc., "We are all about You!"


We work exclusively with vendors who share our instincts and personality, as well as our high standards and integrity. We offer comprehensive planning packages that include full and partial planning (and day-of services).  Whether you require a planner throughout the entire planning process, or if you simply need a planner to orchestrate the "day of" details, the appropriate amount of planning assistance we offer can be customized to meet your needs and your budget.




The Total Package

Full Event Planning - We work with the client to determine the essential factors of the wedding such as: locate the venue, suggest and hire vendors, negotiate contracts, plan the aesthetics of the event, and handle all of the "little details" that are involved in planning a truly unique event. We advise the couple the decisions that need to be made, timeline assistance, help with formulating a realistic budget, and make all the necessary preparations, in order to create a flawless event. 



Partial Event Planning

Partial Event Planning - We assist in the final logistical and organizational decisions. We enter the planning of the event at any point before the wedding day to recommend vendors, review contracts, organize transportation or hotels, and relieve the stress of planning. We become the main contact on the client's behalf, and complete the remainder of the planning and assist on the day of the wedding.



Day-of Services

For Day-of Services - We contact vendors, visit the venue, and prepare the timeline, production schedule, and itinerary for the event. We handle any issues that may arise, meet with the bride and bridal party in preparing for the wedding, and organize the final details. We coordinate the rehearsal and wedding day.

Partial Event Planning

Virtual Event Planning - We basically plan your wedding from the computer, making calls to vendors and setting up appointments.  We will also coordinate the rehearsal, ceremony, and reception and arrive onsite to ensure all details of the wedding is handled.


DIY Planning -This package is designed for the bride who wants to plan her own wedding but needs a little help with the details.  We will work behind the scenes to assist with the planning and you can get all the credit!



Wedding Tips

                  Juanita M. Bryan....

 When receiving an  invitation to an  engagement party, am I  obligated to buy an    engagement gift and a    wedding gift?


 Once a wedding  announcement or invitation is  received, the couple should  immediately get a hearty  "congratulations' from you.  You can actually hold off on  the gift for now, since there  will, more  than likely, be other  opportunities to present a gift  to the couple.



 Bringing others to a  wedding.....


 Whoever is listed on the  envelope is invlited to the  wedding/reception.  If your  baby's name is not included,  he is not invited.  If it says "The  Jones Family," then everyone  living under that roof is  welcome.



 Which bread plate is mine?


 Your bread plate is on your  left; meal plate, in the middle;  water, on the right.



 What is the proper ettiquette  on elbow placement at the  table?


  Elbows on the table are fine  when you are not eating.  What you do not want to do is  use your elbow as a pivot for  bringing food to your mouth.  Wrists on the table are always  ok.









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